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FENOX Global Warranty

FENOX Automotive Components Company invites all interested Service stations to participate in the FENOX Global Warranty program.

The program FENOX Global Warranty allows in case of breakage of a spare part to not only to replace it with a new one, but also to get the installation costs refunded.

The FENOX Global Warranty program is applied to all FENOX spare parts purchased in any store throughout the entire  Russian Federation. By implementing such a program the company emphasizes its confidence in the reliability and quality of its products.

• The FENOX company provides an extended warranty for the whole range of automotive components that are installed at any authorized Service station in Russian Federation.

• The warranty is valid for one year or 20,000 km run.

• The warranty applies to all FENOX automotive components for both Russian and imported cars.

• FENOX compensates the costs of replacement of the FENOX warranty parts by a Service station.


Benefits of participation in the FENOX Global Warranty program of the FENOX company:

• Service station gets additional customers due to extended warranty.

• Service station gets additional revenues:

  • - from spare parts sales;
  • - due to additional discounts on the FENOX automotive components for the authorized Service station, if purchased from an authorized dealer;
  • - FENOX compensates the work costs in case of a warranty replacement.

• Service station gets additional advertisement:

  • - FENOX provides promotional materials for external and internal design of the authorized Service station;
  • - FENOX advertises the authorized Service station over the Internet.

• Service station gets additional training for its stuff (possibility of participation in training seminars for employees of the Service station).

• Service station gets its image enhanced through cooperation with the international FENOX Global Group holding.

• Service station is authorized in the international system.


To apply for participation in the Program, fill in an application form for a Service station and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it