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The pressure regulator valve for brakes is used in motor vehicles having no anti-lock braking system. The intended use of this device is to ensure stability of the vehicle during braking by means of distributing braking forces between the axles for all admissible vehicle load variations.


FENOX Technologies

The honed finishing of the regulator valve’s working surface allows the brake fluid to be retained on the cylinder walls in the required amount to provide lubrication of the seal boots with ensuring smoothness of movement and reducing the coefficient of friction, thereby enhancing the regulator valve’s service life.

Employment of the ethylene-propylene rubber in the sealing elements ensures the regulator valve’s resistance to the aggressive action of the pressure fluid.

The FENOX braking governors, by virtue of the accuracy of manufacturing, create an optimal correlation of the working fluid pressures in the front and rear brakes. Employment of modern materials while in the manufacturing ensures a long-life performance of the pressure regulator valves, thereby making the vehicle operation to be safe.