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Brake Fluid

ТThe FENOX «SBrake» brake fluid is produced using a range of advanced additives to provide the necessary properties.

FENOX technologies

• The "TT" (Thermo Tolerance substances) additive package prevents the brake fluid from overheating and keeps its properties constant in a wide temperature range - from -40 ˚ C to +230 ˚ C. That is why the FENOX SBrake brake fluid is recommended by leading car manufacturers to be used in any climate.

• The “MSV” (Minimal and Stable Viscosity) unique formula provides optimal brake fluid viscosity not exceeding 1100 mm2/sec over the entire operating temperature range that provides quick, accurate and reliable transmission of the braking force.

• The "CSF" (Cooling System Friendly) system of anticorrosive and anti-hygroscopic additives protects the brake system against the destructive effects of corrosion and neutralizes the moisture having ingressed into the brake fluid.

• The "RSD" (Rubber Stop-Destruction) additive-retarder package protects rubber parts of the brake system of the vehicle against wearing and swelling and retains their flexibility at extremely low temperatures.

• Viscosity at - 40°C max 1100 mm2/sec.

• Boiling point - > 230°C.

• Moistened fluid boiling point - 155°C.